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Pella Financial Services provides; investment supervisory services, primarily consisting of portfolio management and asset allocation, administration of retirement plans, and furnishes investment advice through personal consultations.

As part of our asset management services to clients, Pella Financial carries out its service using a three step method.

1. Investment Profile - The Company consults with the client to obtain detailed financial information and other pertinent data used in the writing of an investment policy statement which enables the Company to determine the appropriate investment guidelines, risk tolerance
and other factors that will assist in ascertaining the suitability of the account.


2. Portfolio Management - Using the objectives and strategy derived from the the clients personal consulatation with an advisor, Pella Finanacial provides asset management of client's funds by planning and allocating your investments according to suitability. The Company manages the client's separate accounts on an individualized basis. Further restrictions and guidelines imposed by clients can affect the composition and performance of portfolios. For these reasons, performance of portfolios within the same investment objective may differ and clients should not expect that the performance of their portfolios will be identical with the average client of the Company.

3. Performance Evaluation, Monitoring Services, and Reporting - The Company will furnish to clients quarterly performance reports. The reports are intended to inform clients as to the performance of their investments for the selected period to ensure the Portfolio is meeting its investment goals.

Pella Financial Services also provides the following services; Investmeent advice consultations, setting investment policy, asset allocation services, performance monitoring, client meetings and conversions as needed, Web page access, and other services as needed.

The Platinum Standard

Pella Financial Services provides the client with the highest level of fiduciary responsibility that we call The Platinum Standard. In other words, we strive to maintain our duty of loyalty and care to your investment goals and are constantly evaluating the suitability of your investments to meet your investment objectives. We are diligent caretakers of your money, and since each client is treated on a such personal level, you can be sure that we will keep your best interests in mind.


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