Our Investment Philosophy

   Pella Financial Services investment philosophy believes that the key to successful long-term investing is to minimize risk before attempting to maximize gains. We believe in prudent, long-term strategies that will help weather the market’s ups and downs, and grow to help meet your future needs. To ensure that our philosophy is consistent, Pella Financial Services uses diversification to further decrease risk, increase the potential for return and to provide the flexibility needed to match your investment objectives, time horizon and risk tolerance level.

   Our investment approach uses our own extensive research, along with proven outside analysis, to find investments that have consistent returns, solid fundamentals and low risk. We understand a key to long term success is striving to maintain the ability to perform well in good markets, while employing defensive investment strategies when the markets take a down turn. We believe our approach can accomplish this successfully.

   Over the years, we’ve found these approaches to be the most effective and time-tested way to attain your desired results. Our clients recognize the greater the uncertainty and turbulence in the financial markets and the economy, as well as, the greater the need for an actively managed, diversified investment portfolio for; retirement, education expenses,
wealth management and greater security for family/friends though wealth transfer. To assist our clients further, we also offer services in estate planning, to ensure a well rounded approach to your wealth creation and sustainability.


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